If an employee takes childcare vouchers when her Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) or Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP) is being calculated (approx. weeks 17-24 of pregnancy), then her SMP/SAP may be affected. For this reason, they may wish to suspend scheme membership during the qualifying period and then re-join the scheme afterwards.

On the parent portal, there is a calculator to assist parents in finding out whether they are better off staying in the childcare voucher scheme during weeks 17 – 24 or not.

If an employee is taking childcare vouchers when they go on maternity or adoption leave and they will be receiving contractual maternity or adoption pay, then their salary sacrifice can continue as usual until the employee reverts to SMP/SAP. Childcare vouchers cannot be deducted from SMP/SAP. At this point the employee may take a break from receiving childcare vouchers until she returns to work. If the employee resumes her childcare voucher claim within 12 months, it will not be considered a new claim.

Statutory Paternity Pay is not affected.